Windows 10 FAQ

  • Can I install Windows 10 on my Legacy Open Labs Product?

    Yes and No. Older Legacy Open Labs products will not be compatible with 64 bit windows. These include Neko LX, Neko SE, OpenSynth, and some early Miko LX and Timbo models. To be sure, open up your keyboard and take a look at the control panels. If you see daughter cards on the PCB there are only going to work under x86 versions of windows. I have a few newer panels left in stock if someone wants to upgrade, but supplies are very limited. Model from gen 5 on (LXD, XXL, etc) can work fine under Windows 10. If you do a clean install of Windows 10 expect to start from scratch. You will not have the included original software, but since they are just computers, one can install whatever software they want

  • I cant get the mfusion drivers to work?

    The mfusion drivers are what allows your control panels to send midi and work with any software. For them to work in Windows 10, you must install them in unsigned device driver mode. Here is some info on that

  • What about the other drivers?

    The touchscreen drivers are located here. Screen

    There were a number of different screens and controllers used so you may need to mess with them a little until you find the correct version. Or open a ticket and attach a pic of your screen. The Presonus Firebox is officially not supported in Win 10. Though I have gotten them to work using Windows 7 compatibility mode. Right click on the installer/go to properties/compatibility/ use win 7 mode/also check run as admin. The Delta 1010Lt is also not supported past win 7, but it seems to work for me in my Windows 10 builds. At the end of the day it may be time to use a different interface. The Delta was always pretty good but the Firebox is junk imo.

  • Can I do a windows upgrade from an older versions?

    I have successfully done a number of upgrades from win 7 to 10. They work pretty well. You may need to reinstall the mfusion drivers in unsigned device driver mode, but most things will work. The catch to this method is that you must have a legit authorized version of win 7 to do this. I have win 7 images for sale but the product keys are very very hard to find. Trust me the one you have found wont likely work on this version. It must be a Win 7 Home OEM actual DVD version. Patching it or other hacks wont work when you try to upgrade. But if you have had the win 7 upgrade we did in the past this may be a good option for you since it keeps all the software intact. Look under your keyboard or on the back of the Neko for a Windows product key.

  • What wont work in Win 10?

    There are a number of really old pieces of software that may not work in win 10. Creative Proteus will NOT work. VB3 plugin will not work as well as some other other synthedit based plugins. Karsyn will probably not work.

  • Are you going to release an official Windows 10 Image?

    Yes a Windows 10 image for later Gen machines as well as a new upgrade image and part list are inthe works so stay tuned.